get your documents

organized, secured, and electronically copied

  • Send us your important documents
  • We organize them
  • Create electronic versions
  • Then send them safely back to you

Why would you need this service?

Think of all the times you get asked for your documents:

Annual Tax Time

Annual Tax Time

Applying for loans & insurance

Applying for loans & insurance

Creating a financial plan & Reviewing your estate plan

Creating a financial plan & Reviewing your estate plan

Family meetings & Death of a family member

Family meetings & Death of a family member

You would have the ability to easily find these documents electronically and send them digitally, and securely, to whomever needs to view them.

Think of the ways you can lose your important documents:









Your documents will always stay safe when stored securely and digitally.

How does it work?

Pick your package option, receive it in the mail, and send your documents back.

We will then get your documents organized, secured, and electronically copied.

You will then receive your documents back in the mail, along with your secured files.

Now you will have peace of mind knowing your files are always protected!

Choose an option:

  • Annual Scans
    $10/ monthly
    • $10 per month
    • $70 setup fee
    • Initial box of documents
    • 1 additional box scanned per year
  • Quarterly Scans
    $20/ monthly
    • $20 per month
    • $70 setup fee
    • 2 boxes scanned at setup
    • 4 additional scanned boxes per year
  • Custom
    $Call for price
    • Call for price
    • Unique circumstances
    • Ideal for businesses
    • Complete peace of mind
Can’t I do this myself?

Of course you can, but you haven’t done it yet. We have an efficient process, and very high-speed scanners. We will get it done much more quickly and efficiently, and you will have secure access.

Can I trust you with my sensitive information?

We can’t make you trust us. However, all our employees go through extensive FBI background checks and are fingerprinted. We don’t allow mobile phones or any cameras or recording devices in the scanning rooms. In addition, you will know what is happening with your documents every step of the way.

What documents should I send?

Good question.  We’ve compiled a list of frequently saved documents that you can check out.  Also, read a few of our success stories to get idea of your own.

Can anyone else view my documents?

Sure, but only with your permission.  You can send a link to your CPA, attorney, financial advisor, mortgage broker, etc.  This will give those people the ability to securely view your documents.


  • I lost all my important documents in a flood.  As I’ve needed them, I have been able to access them via Document Zen.

    Dinah S.
    Dinah S.
  • I was applying for a mortgage, and was able to send a link to my mortgage broker, and the lender with all my important documents.  So easy.

    Lydia M.
    Lydia M.
  • Each year in February I get all my tax-related documents scanned.  Then I send the link to my CPA.  Taxes are done quickly.  It saves me CPA time, which is money. Unfortunately, my mother was in the hospital.  The doctors asked if there was a Do Not Resuscitate order.  I was able to find it in my Document Zen folder and send the link right to the hospital so they would have it on file.

    Jo J. Douglas
    Jo J. Douglas
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If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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