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We, along with many of our clients, utilize Document Zen as a repository for our estate documents.

It seems to obvious to make a digital version of your will, and to store it online.  Now you can send it to your attorney to make any necessary changes.  We’ve also had clients send theirs to their financial advisor when creating or updating a financial plan.


Another use we’ve seen with regard to estate documents involves Powers of Attorney.  These are the documents you should have that will give others the ability to make medical and financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated.  For example, if I get in an auto accident and am unconscious, my wife can make medical decisions on my behalf.  This seems so obvious.


However, imagine a situation in which a woman has 3 grown children, but only wants 1 of them to be able to make those decisions.  Or she only allows 1 daughter to access her bank accounts.  Without the Powers of Attorney, the doctors and banks don’t know which child they are permitted to take direction from.


With Document Zen, you can just send the appropriate document, or even pull it up on your tablet to show a doctor or banker.


You don’t think about the needs for these documents very often, but when you do need them, it sure would be nice to have them at your fingertips, rather than sitting at home in a filing cabinet.  Or worse…not sitting anywhere.


What are some of the other ways you’re using Document Zen?

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