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Here is a situation that happened in my own family.  My grandmother was in the hospital, and the doctors asked if she has any advanced directives.

What are Advanced Directives?

Advances Directives are documents you create and sign, instructing medical professionals whether you would like life-saving procedures performed, or if they are to keep you on life support.

In many cases, people would prefer to not be kept on life support if they are going to have very little or no quality of life.  I can make the decision now, while I’m healthy and mentally competent, so that if the time comes that I am not able to make that decision, the doctors will now how to act.


What Happened in My Family?

When the doctor asked about Advanced Directives for my grandmother, we all assumed she had them.  However, the hospital needs to see a copy so they can act accordingly, and to protect themselves.

My aunt said she had to go look in her files at home, and she would bring it the next day if she had it.

If something happened that night, before the hospital received the document, and my grandmother had a heart attack, stroke, etc., the hospital would have had to call my father or aunt, or make the decision themselves to save her life, since the didn’t have the document on file.


Where would Document Zen help?

If my family had used Document Zen, my aunt could have searched the docs from her phone, and sent a copy of the Advanced Directive securely to the hospital immediately.  My grandmother’s wished would have been granted, and the hospital would have been protected, and we would have all slept better knowing the medical staff knew how to act for her.

There are so many reasons to have your documents digitized, and easily accessible.  Let us help.

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