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This one hits really close to home…no pun intended!!  I recently bought a house and had to go through the mortgage process.

You Need All That!?!?!

My mortgage banker sent me a few forms to sign at first, which my wife and I dutifully signed.  He also sent a list of documents he would need to see.

  • Bank statements
  • Tax returns
  • W2’s
  • 1099’s
  • Credit Card statements

Fortunately, with all these documents stored online, I was able to quickly send him the links to the appropriate docs.  It was so quick that his email response to me was, “I guess you’ve been getting prepared for this.”

Something like that.

That Was Just the Beginning of the Document Requests

That first round of docs opened the flood gates (again…no pun intended as my previous house flooded in Hurricane Harvey).  Every day I was getting requests for more documents:


  • Retirement plan statements
  • Life Insurance policies
  • Business formation documents
  • Financial statements

Fortunately, I just sent more links, and the process was smooth.

Getting a personal loan, mortgage, business loan will be one of the most document-intense processes you’ll go through.  I’ve been through it several times, and I’ve been frustrated every time before this.  At some point you’ll have to go through a similar process.  It is such a relief to have all your documents stored electronically, and have the ability to send them securely.


We can help.

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