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Always good to find additional uses for Document Zen.  One user told us she had remodeled her kitchen, and had us scan all the invoices, receipts, and warranties associated with the remodel.



Appliance Service

The scanned documents first came in handy when the new dishwasher stopped working correctly.  She was able to easily find the warranty information and receipt for the dishwasher in her Document Zen repository.  When she called the manufacturer for service, her serial number was right there, and she was able to quickly schedule service.  No looking through drawers or filing cabinets.


Selling the House

When our user sold her house, she printed all her invoices, receipts, and warranties, and placed them in a binder.  As potential buyers toured the home, they were able to look through the binder, and note the high quality contractors and materials used, as well as the retention of the warranties.

When buying a remodeled home, you always wonder about the quality of the remodel.  In this case, there was not a question, as all the contractors, materials, and appliances were documented.


After the Sale

After selling her house, our user was able to easily calculate her basis in the home, as all her payments PLUS her cost of the remodel.  Having all the invoices and receipts made the job easier.


Keep letting us know about all your uses for Document Zen.

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